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Running a Glampsite in Cheddar Gorge 2021 – What a Year! Our First Season

October 24, 2021

Running a Glampsite in Cheddar Gorge 2021 – What a Year! Our First Season


We are so grateful for anyone who takes the time to write a review, it is so important for a new business x

Well that was an education, so much learnt in such a short space of time but what a fantastic first season of running a Glampsite in Cheddar Gorge (albeit a short one) and even better than we thought it would be.

Lovely guests, (some of whom even took their shoes off to use the facilities block as they didn’t want to make it dirty!), all of them so friendly and appreciative of our little site.

Lovely well behaved dogs of all shapes, sizes, age and temperament, but all of whom loved watching the rabbits and walking in the woods and dog walking paddock.

And the reviews, well, everyone seemed to love Owley Woods, Glampsite in Cheddar Gorge, as much as we do which makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We even had guests returning for a second visit in the short time we were open and guests that had been recommended by family and friends which is always reassuring.


One lovely couple even sent me cakes through the post! (someone knows my weak point!)

So, what were the main learning points?

White Tea Towels and BBQs do not mix

Mown grass gets everywhere – and I mean everywhere

The electric kettle makes everyone happy, even the hardened campers!

There is no time to write a blog….

We closed slightly early this year as Matt was due to have a knee operation and I think I may have struggled moving everything on my own. Although we did have lots of help from amazing friends and family


We were so lucky with the weather, packing up in the rain would have been so hard

The October weather was amazing and we spent the last night in the tents with a final Firepit/BBQ and it wasn’t even cold.

The tents have now been delivered for cleaning and reproofing and the furniture is all stored – mainly in the house so we now cant move as we didn’t have time to build a shed…


Willow decided the packed up tents made a lovely bed, and meant she could see out of the window

Roll on next year – I cant wait for Owley Woods first complete season and meeting more amazing guests and their four legged friends

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